Career with us
  If you are open to moving between roles, functions and businesses, you will find interesting opportunities for development with us. We encourage our employees to drive their career and take on new challenges in order to grow.
  Your career path

We support career development through activities ranging from training to individual coaching and mentoring. We believe, however, that the most effective way for you to grow as an employee is through self-managed learning and on the job training, based on challenging work assignments, opportunities for cross-functional projects, job rotation and international experience. This also includes the possibility of choosing between the specialist, the project manager and the leader career paths.

Mobility is a mean to develop both for you as an individual and for us as an organization.

  Your personal business plan
  To define your business goals and support your development, you have an annual Personal Business Plan, a process and a tool to help manage and structure the discussion between you and your manager around business and personal development targets. The personal business plan is designed to give a clear line of sight between the overall business objectives and your individual contribution. It is also a support for the dialogue with your manager to secure that you get the feedback you need to succeed in reaching your goals.
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